Heat-sealing Kraftliner ribbon production

Under the Incas brand, it distributes a range of high quality heat sealing tapes through Italy and Southern Europe.


The product is made with 100% Kraftliner with a heat sealing coating.


Used for closing square cardboard boxes.


    • High resistance to traction and tear, properties resulting from the type of long-fibre cellulose and the special production process.
    • Low porosity and low moisture content.


These characteristics make Kraftliner a higher-quality product, whose resistance is much higher than other heat-sealing products distributed in Italy, mainly made with Testliner.

Thanks to its low moisture content, only 8%, Kraftliner has better performance levels than Testliner. The qualities of the raw materials used and the production process reduce the absorption of water vapour on the surface of the Kraft paper.

This very important property affects the final weight of the product.



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